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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Awening To Go With The New Sign! Plus Records That Will Be Here Tomorrow!

Now doesn't that look pretty cool?

Reissued Records that will be in the shop tomorrow!

Finally being reissued!  South of Heaven!  We Will have this tomorrow!  May your holidays be very metal!

The Godfather of Garage Rock!  Bo Diddley "Have Guitar, Will Travel".  This album rules, and guaranteed to make you booty shake during the holidays.  Here's the track "I Love You So" from the album.

The 13th Floor Elevators will make your holidays so much more fun.  So swing by tomorrow and pick it up on wax!

Kick out the jams mother fu#ker$!  You can also kick your family out of the house during the holidays while listening to this album at full blast!

The Pogues "Rum Sodomy & Lash" is a great album to drink eggnog to while cursing out your loved ones during the holidays!

Red Hot + Fela is a great tribute album to the late great Fela Kuti.  Sure to get those hips shaking with this one!

Stereolab "Cobra Phases Play Voltage In The Milky Night".  I'm really excited that this has finally been reissued.

The Moving Sidewalks "Complete Collection".  Before Billy Gibbons formed  ZZ Top with Dusty Hill & Frank Beard he was touring with The Moving Sidewalks.  Psychedelia anyone?  It's great ish.

The Gun Club "Miami"  Dark wave desert music.  It faging tough.

Speaking of tough dark music.  In tomorrow gang.

Now for something completely different.  Ring in the holidays with this break beat bongo rocking classic.  This will really make you want to pull out the cardboard and start breaking.  If you have never heard this I beg you to click the link and try to not smile.  This album is mighty powerful and finally reissued!

Another booty shaker.  T-Rex "The Slider".  Need I say more?

These are just a few of the releases we will be getting tomorrow, there are a ton more.  So come down to the shop and buy your loved one the gift that keeps on giving.  We also have gift certificates too!

Have a fantastic day, & happy holidays, gang!

Your friend,

Murphy Winston.

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