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Thursday, October 31, 2013

What Murphy is currently spinning at home

Howdy folks!  Wow I can't believe it's been almost a year since the last post!  It's been a busy 10 months people so cut me some slack.
Murphy got hitched, sorry ladies and gents I'm no longer on the market, but I couldn't let this fine lady get away.  You know what they say, once you find someone who will put up with your bullsnaps you better hold on for dear life.  I know some of you must be so heartbroken that it drives you to absolute madness!  My words to those that may do something drastic due to receiving this news is "chill out you little freaks"!  Anyway like I said it's been some time sense there was a post on this mofo, and because it's October 31st I assume you expect a Halloween post.  Well sorry to burst your bubble, this post is about what I've been digging music wise as of late.  I can't guarantee you'll like what you are about to see and hear but I can guarantee that I absolutely love these records.  So enough with the chit chat on on to the topic at hand!

Joanna Gruesome- "Weird Sister"

This band is out of South Whales, Cardiff to be exact, and are currently on Slumberland Records.  To be honest with you folks, I ordered this record for the shop because I thought the name was funny as hell!  I was pleasantly surprised once I did some research and listened to a few tracks.  This band kicks ass!  Joanna Gruesome is a mix of shoe gaze, pop, & the 1990's, think Velocity Girl, Magnapop, & My Bloody Valentine.  What is so great about this album is that they not only pull the throwback sound but they don't sound like they are ripping anyone off.  Influences come through but trust me every song is absolutely theirs.  I can't say enough about how awesome this record is, so instead of me continuing to blah blah blah check out the track and then click the link below to hear the rest of the album!  http://joannagruesome.bandcamp.com/releases

The Julie Ruin- "Run Fast"

My words can't do justice to what Kathleen Hannah has has given to music, culture, feminism, and all round human f'n kind.  You may know her from bands such as "Bikini Kill", "Le Tigre", & "Julie Ruin" (Solo record).  I can tell you along with millions if not billions of other people I absolutely love everything she puts her mind to.  Her first outing under Julie Ruin was a solo project from 1998 on Kill Rock Stars Records where she pretty much recorded, played, sampled everything on the album all by her lonesome.  The record is a punk, electronic, & lo-fi piece of brilliance.  The world has been waiting over a decade for the follow up to the first Julie Ruin record and Kathleen along with fellow band mates Kathi Wilcox, Kenny Mellman, Carmine Covelli, & Sara Landeau delivered another amazing record with "Run Fast".  First off for those expecting the same record as the first, you should know better.  I mean first off the name changed from "Julie Ruin" to "The Julie Ruin" I have to assume this is because of the addition of a full band.  And the record itself is just different from the first album.  It's still as angry as the first record, it's also still as fun as the first record.  It's just really different.   Again I cannot say this enough "Run Fast" is a pretty amazing record.  Okay no more of my blabbering check out the video and click the link for more on "The Julie Ruin"!  http://www.thejulieruinband.com/wp/

Beady Eye- "BE"

Well it looks like Liam Gallagher went back to the basics on Beady Eye's new album "Be".  I can't get enough of this album.  I know the guys an asshole but dagnabbit he sure knows how to put together a solid rock record.  This is nothing that will change the face of music or anything it's just good brit rock we've come to know and love.  To me this album is what the last two Oasis records should have sounded like.  Sonic guitars and pounding drums, it's a real foot tapper!  I understand people hate Oasis but please put the hate aside and give this record a chance.  I love it and it is in constant rotation at my place.    Click the picture for the entire album then check the link for other goodies!  http://www.beadyeyemusic.com/

Pearl Jam- "Lighting Bolt"

Hahahahaha!  The band everyone loves to hate for one reason or another. I could care less who knows I love this band, I'm not here to impress anyone.  Anyway, like I said about the Beady Eye album this is nothing that will change the face of music but it's a great album from the gang that's been around for 20yrs.  Pearl Jam goes back to their bread and butter on this record, a few rowdy rock songs with a few ballads interlaced throughout the record.  For those that hate keep on hating because they are laughing all the way to the bank regardless.  For those that don't hate and have yet to hear this album give it a chance, it took me three listens but after that I was hooked.  Again this guy is in regular rotation at the crib.  You know what to do from here.  http://pearljam.com/

Black Hearted Brother- "Stars Are Our Home"

Another Slumberland release I'm really digging right now.  Showgaze alum Neil Halstead backed with Mark Van Hoen, & Nick Holton come together to make a beautifully crafted spaced out album.  If you liked "Slowdive" or the "Mojave 3" which sound nothing alike, mash those two bands together in a blender and you get Black Hearted Brother.  It makes sense though due to the fact Halstead fronted both bands.  This album takes you on a nice journey through the cosmos with its swirling guitars, syth, and heavy bass lines.  If you are a fan of My Bloody Valentine, Built To Spill and the like I think you'll dig this album.  Some sounds just never get old to me and I'll take all the shoegaze I can.  Check the track and follow the link!  http://www.blackheartedbrother.com/

Well that's all for today folks.  Hope you dug this and maybe found a new band to check out.


Murphy Winston



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