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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Something awesome this way comes.

Howdy gang!  It's been sometime since the last post!  We got some great pieces of wax came through the shop today and your good buddy Murphy Winston is here to lay them on you.  You may know some, none, or all of these bands.  Hopefully you'll see and hear something new or old you like!   So lets begin folks!

Civil Wars- Barton Hollow (2010)

Either you're going to really like these guys or you will not.  I'm not going to try and sway anyone's opinion, just give this track a listen and you can decide for yourself!

Dick Dale- At The Drags (Original singles released between 1964-65)

This is not the cover of the record but this is what I could find on the tube.  "At The Drags" is more hot-rod influenced tracks rather than surf guitar.  But I mean it's Dick Dale folks.  You know this guy is going to be a burner.  Check this out!

Dirty Projectors- Swing Lo Magellan (2012)

This was on a number of various websites best albums of last year.  These guys a hard to describe, and saying the hipsters love these guys really doesn't do them justice.  Check this guy out and see if you like it!

Jimi Hendrix- Blues (Original release 1994)

Everyone knows who this is so here's no need to explain.  This is a great collection of blues tracks that were unreleased or tracks were on various Hendrix compilations.  This is the first time it is on wax though!  This is an awesome cover of Robert Petway's "Catfish Blues".  This song has been covered millions of time over because it's an awesome song.  I don't know Robert Petway and not sure how much of his music is out there to hear.  Give this guy a listen and go look up some Robert Petway!

Nine Inch Nails- Pretty Hate Machine (1989)

Again everyone knows this album there's no need for blah blah blah.  I just thought it was cool to have this guy come in today on the wax.

Saviours- Death's Procession (2011)

In the same vain of The Sword and bands of the like.  Stoner rock plain and simple, but these guys are really good at what they do.  Sit back and blast this as loud as you can.

Seasick Steve- You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks (2011)

Jack White has been championing this guy for sometime now, and it seems everyone else is finally getting hip.  Blues influenced rock that is really really good.  Check this out!  And when you click on he video you can actually pick a track and listen to it you don't have to fast forward or anything!

Spiritualized- Sweet Heart, Sweet Light (2012)

This album is the ish!  I've been rocking it at the place since I copped it a few weeks back!  I was late to the party on how amazing this band is!  This is the single off the new album, it's a jingly jangly track that always puts a giant smile on my face.  Hopefully it will do the same for you as well!

The Sword- Apocryphon (2012)

Texas stoner rock heavy weights come up with another great album to melt your brain.  Here's the full album stream!  The record is on orange wax too which I think is pretty cool.  Check out this album and see if you dig it!

T-Rex- Electric Warrior (Original release date 1971)

One of my personal favorite albums that is in the stacks.  I like to describe this as blues influenced boogie rock.  It's so damn sexy gang.  I thought I'd give you guys this tasty morsel from this album.

That's it for today folkers!  I hope you heard something you liked and it's always a good time when shamelessly promoting what we got in the shop!  So if you're someone that doesn't mind a reissue which anymore tend to sound better than the original come down to the shop and pick one of these guys out!  Don't forget we also do special orders too!  Well just as long as he record is still in print of course.

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Your loyal servant,

Murphy Winston

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