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Friday, December 21, 2012

And we're still here

Murphy Winston here!  Wow folks we dodged a bullet didn't we?  I mean with all the "factual evidence" supporting the claim that the end was near.  Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha!  I kid, I kid.  So since we all got a second chance on this wonderful planet we call home lets celebrate with some tunes!

GhostFace Killah- We Celebrate

That's right folks, if you want to ring in your clean slate properly, ring it in with the Wu's very own GhostFace Killah.  One of Murphy's personal favorite MCs of all time.  Ghost be saying some magnificent ish y'all, like this line "Now I'm in the middle, watch is all chiseled I can holla at the birds like Dr. Dolittle", I don't even know what that means but it's fantastic!  Actually I do know what it means but in case there's anyone out there that doesn't know I will translate.  Ghost is saying that the spotlight is on him and his watch is covered in diamonds and he can talk to the ladies like a true professional.  Anyway gang wham this track as loud as your speakers permit!

Donny Hathaway- Magnificent Sanctuary Band

Okay this song is actually about the rapture but damn it makes you feel great!  Donny Hathaway had a set of pipes on him folks and he is not afraid to share his belief system with you.  Listen, even if you don't share the same values as Mr. Hathaway you have to admit this track is a humdinger!  So when you listen to this I hope it feels you with adulation knowing we all woke up to the same old world we feel asleep with last night!

 Beastie Boys- Shake Your Rump

I don't think I need to explain why this song is perfect for a celebratory dance session alone or with friends.  F it!  We're all alive so shake that arse!

Ramones- Warthog

What's a celebration with out the Ramones?  This whirlwind of a song makes you want to smash something, and most celebrations end up with at least one person, be it accidentally or purposefully smashing something.  Give this guy a listen and try not to break or throw something that is in arms reach.

 The Who- A Quick One While He's Away

This is farging amazing.  Perfect for celebrating the fact we didn't all explode to a fine dust.

M.O.P- Ante Up

Take that Mayan calendar!  A party isn't happening unless this song has been jammed at least two times!   Annoy anyone around you by playing this at full blast!  It rules!

Last but not least!

Neutral Milk Hotel- Untitled

I want this to play at my funeral.  It's just so darn joyous and uplifting!  And since we all kicked the end of the worlds ass I thought it was perfect for a victory song too!

Thanks for taking time out of your important day to check this post out gang.

Until next year!

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Murphy Winston

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