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Thursday, October 18, 2012

What do you know about this?

Hey gang Murphy Winston here!  It's been quite some time since the last post.  I apologize I've been busy in the wasteland hunting for eridium, fighting robots, and ultimately putting a couple bullets in the back of Handsome Jack's noggin... 

Well that and I've had writers block.

Now that Pandora is back to it's gun slinging, murder for hire, robot free ways, the writers block, at least for the time being has been lifted.  So on to what this whole malarkey is on about... 

There is going to be a documentary titled "Sample This" about one of my favorite albums of all time "Bongo Rock" by The Incredible Bongo Band!  The documentary specifically focuses on the song "Apache" and it's influence on hip-hop culture.  The documentary will also focus on the musicians!  This is what really made my ears perk up!  As long as I've been listening to this record I have yet to find out any information on who actually played on the album.  The cover sleeve gives credit only to the producer Michael Viner.  He didn't even play on the album!  No credit at all is given to the musicians!  I've Googled, Allmusic, & Wiki this album for information on the who actually played on this record.  This is what I've found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incredible_Bongo_Band.  So I don't take up to much space I felt it best just to provide the Wiki information instead babbling on and on about the mystery of who actually played on this album.  And as you can see there is not much to go on.  So I'm sure you can understand my absolute joy and excitement when I saw this last week! (Click on the trailer for "Sample This")

Courtesy of the good folks at http://www.egotripland.com/.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...  Thank you Egotripland!  Every time I watch the trailer I get goosebumps.  For those of you that are not familiar with one of the funkiest and rawest albums ever conceived, here's a few tracks off the album to wet your whistle.

"Last Bongo In Belgium"- 1973

"Let There Be Drums"- 1973

And of course "Apache"- 1973

If you don't own this album I demand you do yourself a favor and seek this gem out!  Vinyl is a little tricky to track down,  it's been reissued and even that is out of print.  You can cop the cd pretty easy though.  Now you know gang, Murphy Winston does not approve of those little shiny discs but in this case...  Go get this record on cd if you have to!

I hope hearing these tracks gets you so amped you just want to shake that booty and possibly break something around the house.  You know something like the ugly puke green lamp with the yellow velvet shade a relative gave you,  that you don't have the heart to just throw out in fear that the person might one day come to your house only to find it's not on display for everyone to see.  Are you with me?

Thanks folks for letting a paranoid, self conscious, Vault Huter ramble on about a documentary and record you may or may not have heard of or just don't care about.  It warms my cold heart knowing I've taken some important time out of your day so you could read this trash I call important information.

Yours truly,


Murphy Winston

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