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Friday, October 19, 2012

Records you should seek out.

Hey gang!  Murphy Winston here to talk about one of my favorite subjects...  Records!  Particularly ones you need to have in your stacks!

While sipping on Basil & rocking out on the headphones last night I decided to write a post about a few of the albums I was listening to.

Most of these records are not rare and there is a good chance you might have them in your stacks.  For those that don't, hopefully what you're about to read and hear will make you seek these guys out, either from your local independent record shop or on the bay.

Lets get this thing in action!

First up!

Lee Morgan-  Search For The New Land (1968) 

This album was recorded in 1964 but released for whatever reason in 1966.  Check out the line up it's crazy!  On tenor sax, Wayne Shorter.  On guitar, Grant Green.  On piano, Herbie Hancock.  On bass, Reginald Workman.  On drums, Billy Higgins.  And of course on trumpet, Lee "Motherf*#%^@g" Morgan!  This is a jazz classic folks.  At times it's a little funky, others it's relaxing, but most of all it rolls the entire way through.  I mean the last track on the album is titled "Morgan The Pirate".  That just sounds playful, & tough at the same time!  I found a full album stream so check this one out!  Perfect for an overcast day like today.

Next up!

Leon Russell & Marc Beno- Look Inside the Asylum Choir (1968)

This album came out a year after The Beatles "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".   The Pretty Things "SF Sorrow" was released in 1968, the same year as "Look Inside the Asylum Choir" and you can tell Leon Russell was influenced by both bands.  This record really surprised me because it sounds like Leon Russell & Marc Beno had the Pretty Things as the back up band at times while Leon is doing... Well, Leon.  This sounds nothing like what I've heard from him.  When one thinks of Leon Russell people think of southern French creole type music with a touch of southern fried rock.  I personally love that stuff "Carney" is a phenomenal record.   This album is nothing like that at all and it works very well!  With great titles like "Icicle Star Tree", "Death of The Flowers" & "Black Sheep Boogaloo" how can you go wrong?  I was very pleased with this purchase and was dumbfounded as to why I was not already hip to this record?   I love it when that happens!  Don't just take my word for it though, check out the full album stream!

Last but certainly not least!

Tower Of Power- East Bay Cheese (1970)
"The Skunk, The Goose & The Fly" 

Saved the best for last!  At least in my opinion.  This is a funk steamroller except for the last track which is a crappy balled.  It's weird when listening to this guy because the first five songs will kick the funk out your head, then the last song is a very anti-climactic love balled.  Don't know if the record company forced them to make this track because the rest of the album is a funk force not to be reckoned with or if the band was like "Hold up.  We need a crappy balled to end this piece".   Either way "East Bay Grease" is incredible.  Couldn't find a full album stream of this guy but I did find my favorite track.  Give this a listen and tell me it's not r-a-w, raw! 

Hopefully this had either made you want to go to your crates and spin these guys or if you don't have them, this has made you want to seek these records out.

Other than the Lee Morgan, each record is pretty cheap and fairly easy to acquire.  You might have to go on the bay but like I said other than the Lee Morgan they are pretty cheap.

I hope this helped your day go by a little faster.

Thanks for reading this rant about records!


Murphy Winston

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