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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Is Upon Us!

Howdy gang!  Murphy Winston here to blather on about the best holiday of the year...  Halloween!  Let the freaks, ghouls, demons, zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, poltergeists, & psychopaths come out and play!  It's really the only holiday we all get to feed that beast that hungers for the food that is the macabre.  Goosebumps for everyone!  So today's post will be devoted to some of my favorite horror movies and songs.  So to get this Halloween started on a fantastic note, lets begin!

First up!

Halloween (1978)

What can I say about this movie that hasn't already been said?  I've watched plenty of horror films throughout my life and almost none of them compare to this guy here.  I have to watch this masterpiece of terror in the company of others or my mind will run off and put me into such a paranoid state that I barricade the doors, not answer my phone, and refuse to look out my window in fear of seeing a silhouette of a tall figure standing at the end of my driveway staring at the house as if it's planning a point of attack on little ol' Murphy.  To me what makes this absolutely terrorizing is the fact that the premise of a maniac escaping a sanitarium and going on a killing spree is pretty plausible.
Another reason this movie makes my senses go haywire is Micheal Myers.  What John Carpenter did with Micheal Myers wardrobe is simple.  From his feet to his wide shoulders this large framed individual sports black steel toe construction boots and a navy blue workman's jumpsuit, not to scary.  But its what sits on top of the shoulders that is bloodcurdling.  Well that and the gigantic butcher knife.  The addition of the plain white mask that highlights nothing but the scalp, which is covered with very realistic brown hair is where the plain becomes the deep, dark, fear that inside of all of us.  It's obvious it's a mask, everyone is aware of that.  It's the fact that you never see what's behind that mask.  That approaching horror that's about to gut you like a pig at a slaughter house with a butcher knife the size of Texas.  That's the real brain twister behind Micheal Myers wardrobe.  Halloween is a fantastically nerve racking movie and will continue to scare the hell out of the audiences as long as it's in print.  Which will be forever...  It just makes to much money in sales to go out of print, it's a no brainer.

Cramps- Goo Goo Muck

I can see why people would be like, Murphy this song isn't scary at all.  But if you think about it what is not scary about a hormone driven teenage horn dog?  It's a story about a kid that's looking for sex no matter how or from who.  With lyrics like "Yeah, the city is a jungle and I'm a beast.  I'm a teenage tiger looking for a feast.  Yeah, I wan't the most but I'll take the least", how can you not love this song?  The melody is slow driving with a  rockabilly twang to it.  It's a fun fantastic track that should be played at every Halloween party!  Give this guy a listen and enjoy! 

High Tension ( 2003)

High Tension is a pretty horrific fun time.  This French film is about a college student going to spend some time at her family's farm with a friend.  Once they get there things get a little freaky, and a creepy truck driver puts the the lead, her family, & friend, through hell.  There are some brutal scenes in this movie and some of the best parts are all psychological what you don't see but hear will have you gnawing at your fingernails.  There is a twist but I'm not going to spoil anything.  Trust me, this flick is worth a watch if you want to feel your hair raise on your arm.  Check out the trailer then go get the movie!

Brotha Lynch Hung - Colostomy Bag

Alright for those of you that are easily offended than do not watch this video or listen to this song.  You have been warned.  Now with that said Brotha Lynch Hung has been making disturbing music since 1993.  This is one dude that I honestly believe if he weren't making music he would be a serial killer.  Thankfully he lets his crazies out in his music.  "Colostomy Bag" is from "Dinner and a Movie" which is a concept album about a dude that's life is falling apart and his rap career is going nowhere.  In order to feed his family he turns to murder.  What does he feed the family you ask?  Well the meat of his victims of course!  This track is the third single off the album.  If you go back and check out "Meat" & "I Plotted" you'll see the videos follows this gruesome story serial killing and cannibalism.  For those that get bugged out easy, again...  Please don't watch this it's disturbing!  If you do watch it and like what you hear and see continue the story with the "Coathanga Strangla", and "Mann-a-Bal Lector" which wraps things up.  In fact if you like what you hear check out all of his stuff!  "24 Deep", "Season of da Siccness", "Loaded", and "Tha Virus" are particular favorites of mine.  This guy is crazy and thank whoever that he has found a way to focus his demons into music rather than killing people.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

We are all familiar with this fantastic show case of suspense and bloody murrrrder.  From the time hitchhiker enters the van to the iconic scene where Leather Face is running down the road flailing his chainsaw in the air. This movie is a whole bunch of holy f#@k that was scary!

One of my favorite scenes in this movie that always makes me jump is the first appearance of Leather Face in the house of horrors.  The body reacting on the ground to the massive blow to the head is utterly disturbing.  Give this guy a watch before you go out on a country drive, it'll really spook ya.

On to the next stop!

Screaming Lord Sutch- Jack The Ripper

This is a fantastic live performance of the one the only Screaming Lord Sutch performing his classic "Jack The Ripper"!  Watch him terrorize the crowd as he reaches out for them it's fantastic!  What a wonderful topic to cover too!  The mysterious Jack The Ripper mutilated at least seven prostitutes.  Even in the time we live, the way he dissected these ladies were absolutely appalling.  At least this song isn't scary in the faintest.  But it's a great one to spin around this time of year!

The Shining (1980)

I couldn't do a post about horror movies with out putting this amazing creeper on here.  Another movie I cannot watch alone.  This is one of the only movies that to this day gives me nightmares after I watch it.  Jack gives probably one of my favorite performances from him.  Him staring at the typewriter with the same word printed over and over and over on the page, the twins flashing on the screen covered in blood, to Jack putting his axe through door.  This movie is a heart stopper!  There's is nothing I can say that would do justice to this film.

I hope this made this overcast day a little better.

And remember gang just because you're out partying doesn't mean it's okay to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  If you plan to partake in some extra curricular activities please be safe and responsible.  Sleep wherever you're at  or call a cab if you have to.  It's really not worth the putting anyone in harms way because you're drunk and you want to leave the place you're at.

Hope everyone has a spooktacular Halloween!

Your buddy

Murphy Winston




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