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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Needles

Pop here with more boring needle trivia.  My last blog contained info on needles, but some of the pics were blurry and unsatisfactory. This time, I thought I'd just fill you up with some interesting photos of record player/turntable needles. I threw a dime into the mix just to give y'all an idea of scale.  Sit back and enjoy.

 The needle on the right here fits a Webster Electric record player. The other side of the little 'button' says LP.
 This one (pictured left) fits several models of Sonotone cartridge, including the W9980 and the 2T, 5T and 7T series.
 Frankly, I don't even remember what this one fits and I'm too lazy to look it up. But rest assured that if you need one, we have them.
 There are several needles that are styled like this: Ronette, Electro-Voice (EVG) and others.
 For several models of Acos: 73-1, -1A, -1B, -1C and the GP-73 or GPS-73.
 Yet another 'oops' brain-fart moment. I don't remember which cartridge this fits. But we have it on hand if you need it.
 On the right here, we have a needle for quite a few Shure cartridges. Among them: P-7, -8 and -9, the PC series of PC-2 through PC-6, the 25NE and several others.

Zenith has several needles that look like this, though they're not interchangeable (imagine that).

 The two needles below both fit cartridges made by ACOS. The one on the  left, while showing a bit of corrosion on the cantilever (the 'arm'), will work fine. Most catalogs no longer even list these items.

For those of you who know B&O (not the railroad), it's hard to imagine this fitting a B&O cart.

The one on the right is also a needle for a Bang & Olufsen. Also a bit on the ancient side.

 This one on the left is for a Dual DMS-900 or DMS-900/91, circa 1961. And yes, like all the others pictured here, we have them in stock.
 The one on the right here belongs to an Audio Empire, usually shortened to just Empire. It fits into the models 88, 108, and 108P carts.
 This gem on the left fits several models of Euphonics cartridges. Among them are the U12 and U13 series. It also fits the Admiral 409C65 and several Astatic carts. And it's a pretty color.
 While this isn't actually a stylus, it is a stylus holder for several General Electric units, in particular the CL-5, the GC-5 and the CC-7. 

This long-defunct needle below belongs to an old Garrard cartridge.

The needle on the right is unavailable in most catalogs now. It appears to have fit a Lesa cartridge, probably the model E.
On the left is a very old Goldring stylus. Once again, it has some corrosion that needs to be cleaned off, but is functional.

Okey dokey, I've bored you enough with trivial junk. But at least you know where to come for needles. And styli. And we have cartridges, 45 adaptors, record cleaners and cleaning kits, protective sleeves and the like. And by the way, we also happen to have around 100,000 records here. New ones, used ones, 78s, 45s, 33-1/3, maybe even some 16s floating about. We have new and gently-used record players. And fresh used record stock gets put out every Friday: usually around 400 or so LPs and 50 or so 45s. There are also 3 listening stations for 33/45, and a dedicated 78 station. Feel free to give us a call at 859-254-7677 if you have any questions. Or contact us on our Facebook page. We'll do whatever we can to help.

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