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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Back!

Howdy gang!  Murphy Winston here, back from my fantastic voyage around the world.  I'm devoting this post to the wonderful places I've been over the past week.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed visiting each place.

The first stop of my travels was in India!  This as we all know is Taj-Mahal.  My friend Lisben took this picture on her old Polaroid.  If you look closely you can see me walking on the left in the blue shirt.  I think it's a very flattering picture because it doesn't show my scraggly beard.  Here we ate with Kings and Queens from around the world while sipping the finest wines and eating various assortments of fruit and cheeses I've never heard of.  It was a fantastic time, and let me tell you, if you're ever in a room with King Justin Woodenriver from the country of Larrywank, make sure you don't have any kidney bean flavored jellybeans.  Once he's had a few in his belly, he gets very smelly.  After spending a few hours in India we hopped in our Harrier Jump Jet that seats seven people--it was pretty comfortably I might add--and we traversed our way to Egypt!

This picture was taken by my friend Cheddar.  He's a fan of the Sphinx and if you look really closely on your right you can see our troop walking back to the Mirage Day Motel.  That was the only place we could land our Harrier in all of Egypt!  Can you believe it?!  We decided to stay the night here.  Later on in the evening, we all took a walk back to the Pyramids and the Sphinx.  It was about midnight or so and you won't believe who we ran into!

You guessed it!  It was Roger from "American Dad."  Cleave snapped this shot as he was falling asleep on top of one of the Great Pyramids.  He thought Roger was going to probe him or something until Roger said to him, "You know any place a guy can get some Tang around here?  And I'm not talking about Kool-Aid either.  I want Tang!  Preferably Orange.  Because that's my favorite".  That's when Cleave realized it was just Roger and not some outer space weirdo trying to get its kicks by probing some human.  Anyway we sneaked Roger back to the Mirage Day Motel with us and preceded to party like it was 2045.  Roger told us that in 2045 the parties are crazy!  Like the Spanish Inquisition crazy.  The next day we packed up our stuff and jumped in the fighter jet and flew off to Australia.

Home of the blooming onion, Fosters, and to millions of creatures that can kill you.  We stopped off at a tourist shop and made a recreation of the poster to the movie "Australia".  Nicole Kidman is actually my friend Krystal.  I never realized how much she resembled Nicole Kidman until I saw this poster.  Hugh Jackman is my buddy Larper.  The guy on the horse is me of course.  I was the only person in our crew that knew how to tame the wild horses of Australia.  Hard to believe, huh?  I mean, how does a person get out of high school not knowing how to tame the free spirited beast that is the Australian Blue Back Stallion?  The little girl in the picture is actually not a girl at all!  Again it was my friend Krystal.  You can't tell how short she is from the picture at the top of the poster.  After spending a few hours goofing around Australia we came to our last stop of the trip where we spent most of our time.

Greenland was great!  My buddy Ranto snapped this picture of me doing my "wha happen" pose.  It was a wild time trekking the globe but the fun has got to stop sometime folks. 

So now I'm back in good ol' Kentucky!

It's good to be back home.

Thanks for reading about my amazing adventures with my awesome friends!

Until next time!


Murphy Winston

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