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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Album Covers Make For Great Home Decoration!

Howdy gang, Murphy Winston here!  While digging through boxes of records today at the shop I came across a box of about 100 empty album covers.  I thought to myself it would be a damn shame to just throw these away.  So instead we here at POPS Resale have decided to give these guys away for the free.  I know you're thinking "Murphy!  Why would I want to grab some empty covers"?  Well friends my answer to that would be...  Frame them and decorate your house/apartment/van with them!  Another thing you could do with them is make your own art with them.  Here are some examples of what's in the box.  Click on the pictures for further inspection!


That's just a few examples gang.  I mean it's free folks.

Thanks for reading gang!



Murphy Winston

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