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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Should Buy These For Me

Hello everybody!  It's been a bit since the last post and I've had some time to think about what I was going to bore you with.  So instead of writing something that may be offensive to you wonderful people in internet land, I've decided to ask you lovely individuals to look deep in your hearts and purchase me 1 of the three albums I'm about to write this post about.  Please everyone think about how great you would feel if you just dug a little deep into your wallets and brought the magic of music into my life (particularly these records).  So without further delay lets get down to the nitty gritty gang.

First up is...  Drum roll please...

The Power of Zeus- The Gospel According to Zeus

This guy right here is heavy as all get out.  I'm talking Blue Cheer "Vinecbus Eruptum" or Black Sabbath "Sabotage" heavy.  I need this in my collection folks.  All it would cost one of you fantastic human beings is $150 to $200.  Is this too much to ask of you kind people?  I only know one person that has the original of this in their collection and it's my p.n.c the Vulture.  As long as I've been working at record stores, which is a really long time, I've never seen it come through ever.  Even the reissue is hard to obtain.  But really if you're going to spend your hard earned money on yours truly, it may as well be the original copy.  This album is pretty ridiculous.  Gnarly drums, bass, guitar & vocals.  I implore someone out in the internet community to have some empathy for this little fella and buy this album for me.

Here's a peak of what this brilliant album sounds like.

See what I'm saying?  Can you imagine how happy Murphy Winston's record shelf would be if I got to slide this guy next to the others?  Pretty darn happy gang.

On to the next stop!

Main Source- Breaking Atoms

This is a hip-hop classic that I've been looking for, for sometime now and it has eluded me.  This is Large Professor's first group before he went solo.  the production is all Large Professor, the lyrics are on some serious ish.  Real hip-hop at it's best folks!  plus you can thank these guys for introducing Nas to the world.  This album will only cost one of you guys about $80 to $100.  Even the cd goes for some cash but let's not kid ourselves, if your going to get this for me you should get it on wax.  Not that I wouldn't be grateful if you got me a copy on cd, I would.  It's just if I were to have it on compact disc it would be destroyed soon after I get it, and that doesn't do anybody good.  So just pick up the wax for me gang.  Take a listen!

See what I mean everybody?  This is grimy, and it needs to be in my stacks.  Instead of buying your children  birthday presents this year on gifts they're not going to appreciate anyway, just spend that cheese on someone who really appreciates you pretty things.

Last but not least.

Eddie Hazle- Games - Dames - And - Guitar Thangs

This is probably my favorite guitarist.  You guys probably know Mr. Hazel as the gnarly guitarist from Funkadelic.  Well he came out with a solo album in 1977 and it is just gross folks.  The guitar work on this guy is simply stupefying.  He does "California Dreaming" better than the original.  there is a Beatles cover on this album but the best stuff on this album are the original pieces.  This man was serious about his profession as a musician and it shows.  I'm going to post "Maggot Brain" from Funkadelic's classic album of the same name, this is for those of you who are not familiar with Eddie Hazel's genius, and a few tracks from his solo album as well.

Now you see why I need this in my life!  I have a copy of this on cd but I not on vinyl.  This one will only cost one of you beautiful people about $30 to $40.  Please find it in your hearts to dig deep in your pockets to purchase this lovely album for me.

So it's on you guys now.  I'm not asking for all of these albums because that would just be ridiculous.  No, all I'm asking is that you buy me only one of these albums.  Is that really so much to ask of you kind folks?  I think not.

So take some time, ask your significant other and come by the shop and surprise your good ol' buddy Murphy Winston with the gift that keeps on giving.

Thanks for taking time out of this weird weather day to read this puddle of flop.


Your best friend that needs one of these three records in his collection,


Murphy Winston

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