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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Know What I Want

Howdy gang!  Due to a request from our in house stereo equipment technician, who happens to know more about metal than you do, Carley, the theme for today's post is about balling out of control, well more like examples from record covers that show us who's blinging and who's broke down like moist boys in skinny jeans.  Just because you're rolling in your grandparents BMW doesn't mean you got money.    Little bit of a back story first.  While I was pricing a box of records today I came across an album by Bobby Rush titled "Gotta Have Money".  My words won't do the cover justice so here's a picture,

See what I'm saying folks?  This cover is fantastic!  You can tell Bobby Rush is thinking, to quote my good friend The Vulture, "I'm allergic to being broke", Mr. Rush is serious about his loot, greenbacks, cabbage, cheddar, stacks, skrilla scratch paper.  He's got a  look in his eye that says "I will cut you if you play funny with my money baby", get what I mean?

Sorry gang got a little off topic.  Back to the subject at hand.  When I pulled this guy out of the box I showed it to everybody at the front table and we all got a good chuckle from it and then Carley said "Please tell me that's going to be the theme for today's blog post".  With that, I asked her if she could dig through the record stacks here at POPS and find covers with someone holding money on it.  You would be surprised how difficult it is to find album covers with people holding money on them, at least here at the shop, it can get a little overwhelming with the tons upon tons of records we got here everybody.  So that idea was ditched and Carley had another idea which leads us to this post.  So off we go!

1. To have one's pockets exploding with cash. "Hey guys I'm balling so hard the pockets of my pants are literally exploding with cash"
2.  To sleep on a mound of money.  "I can't wait to go to sleep on my mound of cash after a long day of balling" 

We are all in one way or another pretty familiar with being broke is so there's no need to explain what that means.


He's a jet-setter by day and in the evening he's balling out of control with his ladies Mimi & Sapphire.  They travel the world visiting the hippest spots to sing their favorite songs to you whether you like it or not.  Troy Cory shuts clubs down because he balls so hard!  Troy Cory is so ballertastic that he has Mimi or Sapphire depending on the night, hold the mic for him while he hugs his two favorite gals and looks you right in the eye letting you know how much better his life is than yours.  The title was originally supposed to be called "The closest I came to being broke... Was balling", but the label wouldn't allow that to happen.   Troy Cory, you are ballerific and we love it!

Not balling-

Hahahaha!  I think there hiding from debt collectors folks.  Nothing about this cover says balling.  Tommy Bolin obviously cares more about his hair than his electricity bill.  I bet when this picture was taken the repo-man was banging on the door hollering about how he was about to take their tandem bicycle.  Tommy obviously thought "If we just be quit and hide behind this large fan, maybe he'll just go away".  Sorry buddy no couples biking for you guys anymore.  Next time Tommy pay your bills first, care about hair products later.


Santa Esmeralda looks like she is high maintenance which usually equals to, you guessed it gang, balling. Legend has it that the reason why Leroy Gomez is not pictured on this cover is because when she asked him to get her a diamond filled German chocolate cake with money in replace for icing he said he would. But he lied.  Instead he got her a rose from Kroger.  As a jab to Leroy she went ahead and used the rose and only let him put his name on the cover.   The title "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" is actually a personal message from Santa Esmeralda to Leroy basically letting him know, don't get it twisted Leroy just because you make the music doesn't mean you're in control this  baller-fair.  Santa Esmeralda, you are ballertastic!

Not Balling-

This picture was taken in her bedroom which is her parents backyard.  Sure she's a cute hippie chick, but no shoes, no roof, and using a stone column as a chair is not balling.  The title "I know you know" is perfect because she knows we all know she is the antithesis of balling.  Oh Meg maybe you should have spent more time looking for a job instead of making music no one wanted to hear.  Maybe that's why you live in your parents backyard because they were tired of hearing you and your boyfriend Little Turnip singing covers of Peter, Paul, and Larry (He replaced Mary after she told Peter and Paul that she was tired of making music that was not going to take them to baller status).  On to the next one!


Rafael Cameron is living so lavish that everywhere he goes there's a celebration!  Only ballers can get away with wearing jockey pants and not giving a eww, uh uh.  As we all can see he's on Jaaaaaaam boulevard and fire works are going off in the sky celebrating his ballertastic life.  He's so baller he actually took the rose from Santa Esmeralda because she wouldn't let Leroy appear on her cover.  And you know what she didn't do anything about it.  Now that's too wild for this world folks.

Not Balling-

 Bwwwaahahaha!  Yo busters what's up with the pants?  Unlike Rafael Cameron there is no celebration going on wherever these two go.  I believe the guy with the creeper stache is Micheal Cera before all the cash.  He made this album with his good buddy Billy Larry.  They spent all their money on acid instead of the production room.  I think that's why they look so angry in this picture because they had just listened to the final cut of the album and realized that no ones going to want to listen to an album that is mostly made up of chicken calls, cows mooing, and inside jokes about their drug dealer.  Get a job long hair!  I kid, I kid.  But seriously folks this is not balltruistic at all.  Lets move on!


Can somebody say...  Balling out of control!  I think this cover speaks for itself gang.  If in your free time you make leopards jump through a magical hoop that turns them into humans...  You are a baller.  Just take some time and let this cover sink in to your brain.

Not Balling-

Come on now.  This is not balling.  That's all will say about that.

Now that you've seen these fantastic examples of balling versus not balling I hope you guys go out and have a baller status type of evening.  With that, I will leave you with a couple of videos.


Sincerely your partner from another planet,

Murphy Winston

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