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Friday, July 27, 2012

Unwanted Music


Okay. An official 'Do Not Buy' list. Though it's good for a laugh, I have really mixed feelings about this article due to incomplete information. There are certain artists and records that we do not buy because we already have a lifetime supply.  And of course they mentioned that the list is primarily aimed at CDs, which are taking a massive hit in sales.

My own line of reasoning goes like this: We are a record store. If it were possible, I would have a MINIMUM of 1 copy of every single record ever produced. I want to be able to supply anyone with any record they're looking for. That is simply not always possible. But that is the goal. If I stopped buying any particular record because we were overstocked, that's fine...simply business. However, if all we did was to stock records that I personally liked, we would have been out of business a long time ago. I try very hard not to judge other people's taste in music in the hopes that others will not judge mine.

Yep, I like a lot of  ABBA.

 I like a lot of schmaltzy Kenny Rogers.
 I'm a sucker for the Carpenters.
 And Frank Zappa.

 And Chicago.
And Erin McKeown.

And Fitz and the Tantrums.

The list is REALLY long.

I suppose I'm only trying to say that if the 'Do Not Buy Ever' list is a decision based on sound business factors, I can't argue with it. If it based on someones assessment of another person's taste, then I can't agree with it.
Aaaah well, at least enjoy some of the music. Like it or not, it's stuff I like.


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