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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rain Songs

Being that we are finally getting some much needed rain showers this post is devoted to some great songs about the rain. Either rain is in the title or it's in the song, you get the picture gang.

Let's begin!

Orange Juice Jones- the Rain

"Silly Rabbit.  Tricks are for kids."

One of my favorite lines in a song because it's hilarious

C.C.R- Who Will Stop The Rain

C.C.R is one of those bands that everyone loves, and for good reason...  They rule.  If I ever meet someone that says they don't like C.C.R I will have to slap the fool.

The Cure- Prayers For Rain

Want to be depressed?  If so listen to this wonderful song from The Cure's classic album "Disentagration"

Guns'N'Roses- November Rain

I always thought this song was great but the video made me realize that Axel Rose really thought he was "King ish of fudge mountain". 

Prince- Purple Rain

You know I had to post this song.  The best part about this movie are the live performances by Prince and the Revolution.  The rest of the movie did not age so well.  It's still fun to watch for laughs though.  The soundtrack will always rule.

Nina Simone- I think it's going to Rain Today

I mean come on folks.  It's Nina Simone.  She is one of my favorite musicians of all time.  Wonderful voice and she know her way around a piano.

Missy Elliot- The Rain

I don't care what you think, this song is still bonkers.
Timbaland destroys the beat and Missy with her slow flow kills the mic.  The video is super dope too!

Melanie- Lay down Candles in the Rain

Great voice and nice touch with backing chorus.

Adele- Set Fire to The Rain

I'm a sucker for this lady.  She can do no wrong in my world.  I know you've probably heard her a million times but you know what?  I don't care.  She has a crazy voice, and great writing skills so it makes sense this album blew up.  Plus she actually has a back up band though out the album, unlike many contemporary artist today.  

 Gene Kelly- Singing in the Rain

Classic.  If you don't like this song you can eat it!

Okay ladies and gents thanks for taking time out of your busy days to read this waste of space.


Hahahaha!  You looked!  Now I owe you a punch in the face.

Murphy Winston

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