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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Howdy folks!  Murphy Winston here to let you wonderful people know, that if you want to purchase a pool for me that would be much appreciated.  How else are you going to burn your hard earned cash this summer?  Go on vacation?  Buy records, clothes or video games?  See a movie?  These are all great ideas of how to blow through that cash but none of these will make you feel like a standup citizen of this fine city and state like buying me a pool.  Could you great people out there live with yourself if this happen to yours truly this summer?

When this could be going down in the privacy of my backyard.

Come on gang...  Help a Murphy out.

Thank you for your time on this oppressively hot afternoon.

Sincerely your partner that would really love a pool in his back yard,

Murphy Winston

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