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Friday, July 13, 2012

Forgotten Gems

Hope everyone has enjoyed the rainfall we got over this past week, we definitely needed gang.  But the rainfall is not the reason I'm writing folks.  This post is actually about some albums I absolutely love that I believe don't get the props they deserve for one reason or another.  I hope to either remind you guys how awesome these records are or hip you to some tasty treats.  So instead of rambling on about like a pretentious little hipster we're just going to dive right into this guy.

First up!

The Glands- Self Titles Album

If Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, and Pavement somehow got together and made a love child you would have The Glands!  This wonderful example of pop/psych is straight out of Athens, Georgia.  Jangly guitars, steady rhythms that at times make you want to move your booty and other times makes you feel like you're floating through the clouds.  This album got bunched with the likes of (pick an indie band from the 2000's) and that is a disservice to this album gang.  I got this beaut on wax when it came out in 2000.  I remember WRFL used to always jam songs from this album and every time I heard it, it got better.  I needed this album so I sought it out and snatched it up.  Unfortunately it's out of print and pretty hard to track down, unless of course you go on the Bay or Amazon.  Let me tell you gang, you're not finding this guy in the wild.  This record is perfect for a dreary day such as this one.  But don't just take my word for it here's some videos!

Next on the list is!

Mannish- Audio Sedative

This album is a certified banger.  It rolls from the beginning of side a to the end of side b.  Remember when hip-hop was great folks?  I grew up during that wonderful time.  This album is from 1995, it was slept on then and it's slept on now.  Want to hear something crazy about this album?  Most of the tracks on this joint are produced by Balthazar Getty (credited as B-Zar).  Who would have thought the guy from "Young Guns II" could make some dope a$$ beats?!  The fine gentlemen rocking the mic are Jekyll, & Jive.  They were young so the tracks range from the how dope they are to what can happen if you don't keep the chain letter going to a particular girl named Tasha, we all know Tasha folks.  It took me an extremely long time to track this lp down folks but 10 years after it was released I finally found it and it sits in the stacks among other gems in my humble collection.   This album is bonkers and people weren't ready for it, so sadly it got lost in the shuffle.  Here are some tracks folks!


Let's see what's next!

Macha- See It Another Way


Another gem from Athens, Georgia!  These guys kicked out some Indian influenced jams that will melt your face.  this guy was released in 1999, and another album I got hip to because of WRFL.  I got to see these guys perform at the late Southgate House.  There were 15 maybe 20 people there and it ruled.  This is there second album before they took a few years off.  Members were involved in other projects at the time also.  When they came back they were still good, but it seemed they had lost the intensity they had during their first two albums, but particularly this album.  I can't tell you how many times I went crazy to this album.  This is one of those guys that was never released on wax and it probably never will be, which sucks because I never treated my cd's like I do my records.  That means it's basically destroyed.  Luckily I have back up copies of this guy so I will hopefully never be without it.  This album is hard to explain without sounding a little corny so I'm just going to post some videos.  Check them out below!

I just got hip to this next one folks.

Naked Raygun- Jettison

Boy oh boy is this album farging amazing.  My good buddy James Marinelli recently hipped me to these guys and let me tell you folks...  I couldn't believe I had never listened to Naked Raygun before.  I was instantly blown away after hearing this album.  These guys hail from Chicago, Illinois.  A hard edged punk band that has been around for decades.  Apparently they still play out in Chicago from time to time but don't expect a new album anytime soon.  This album makes me want to break things, it's pretty rowdy gang.  The reissue of this, which is the one I have, contains a live cover of the Stiff Little Fingers song "Suspect Detective" and folks it's a whirl and dervish of fists and elbows.  The cover just pummels the listener into submission.  Actually the entire album does but don't just take my word for it, give these guys a listen!

This is the only album I own from these guys but I plan to have their album "Throb Throb" in my collection soon.  Do you want to know how?  Because I just ordered the reissue for the shop!  If you like loud, and aggressive you will love Naked Raygun and particularly this album.  I would like to thank Mr. James Marinelli for throwing these guys my way, it is still much appreciated!

Okay everybody in internet land this next album isn't that obscure, actually it sold pretty well when it came out but I still believe people forget how gnarly this album is.

D'angelo- Voodoo

This record right here folks is what I like to call "Grown Folks Music" the kids now know nothing about this man right here, their to busy worrying about whether or not Chris "woman beater" Brown is going to box Drake on pay-per view.  And if the kids do know about D'angelo it's only because he was buck naked in his video "Untitled (How Does It Feel)".  That track doesn't even scratch the surface of this gnarly album.  There's straight jazz tracks like the track "Africa" to hip-hop tracks exploring one's inner beast such as "Devil Pie".  Neo soul at it's best folks.  Matter of fact, this guy is the Godfather of the neo soul movement that began in the 90's.  He wrote, arranged, and I believe produced this entire album.  D'angelo just wasn't a pretty face that could sing, no he did it all because he was serious about his music, unlike much of r&b crap we have to put up with today.  I got this record when it came out in 2000 and it still holds up strong to this day.  Another term I like to use while describing this album is "Baby Making Music" because it seeps sexuality the entire way through.  If you listen to this album with your significant other folks... Drawls will be dropping gang.  We're all adults here so I hope that didn't offend anyone, if it did, that was not my intention.  Anyway...  Check out the videos below!


Well that's what I got for today folks.  I hope this educated, frustrated, or reminded you how awesome each of these albums are.

Thanks for reading this nonsense.


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