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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beat The Heat

Hello folks!  Murphy Winston here, I hope everyone's 4th of July was just as fantastic as mine was.  Now on to business.  It is gross outside, not that I need to tell you folks that or anything because unless you just refuse to go outside you already know this.  Well gang, your good buddy Murphy is here to give you 5 wonderful tips to beat this heatwave we are experiencing at this moment.  So instead of writing more blah, blah, blah, let's go ahead and get this thing in action!

1.  Rain Dance
Go outside and get that storm started your darn self!  Now I'm not suggesting you do a Native American rain dance, unless you know how to do that, then I suggest you do us all a favor and start swinging what your mother gave you.  For those of us who are not familiar Native American rain dances then I suggest you come up with your own or just do the "Carlton".  You'll be surprised what might come of it, and who knows, you may at least get a laugh out of your friends from it too.

2.  Slip'n Slide

Ahhh, the good old Slip'n  Slide from the wonderful people at WHAM-O!  You could go grab the new and improved Slip'n Slide the kids use with their fancy pools at the end of the plastic sheet.  Or you could go grab an old school one that you have to put metal spikes on each side of the sheet and hope to god that they stay in the ground and don't go flying into your shin which would cause much damage to your leg.  Go out like champions folks!  If you're going to hurt yourself on purpose this summer do it in style and class with your very own old school Slip'n Slide plastic sheet!  I recently tried out one of those newer models and let me tell you folks, if you want to safely slide on your belly down a plastic sheet that's shooting water out from both sides of the sheet which eventually lets you out in a pool full of cold water to cool yourself off, be my guest.  I prefer the "Lets see how dangerous this thing really is" approach, using the earlier version of this fantastic product.  Which ever one you do choose to use though I can tell you the next day your body will hate you for at least a couple days.  As it did when I was younger the Slip'n Slide makes you feel the next day like you wrestled a goat .  Arms, legs, and particularly the stomach get beat up after messing around with this guy for a few hours.

3.  Willy Water Bug

If your parents couldn't afford a Slip'n Slide like mine couldn't then you probably had a "Willy Water Bug".  This guy is awesome!  We would set Willy out in the front yard connect him to the hose and let his antennas go bonkers flailing everywhere.  Occasionally I would catch one of those plastic tubes in the eye, or face, or in places where no one should ever get hit.  It got the job done folks!  Another fun thing to do with Ol' Willy is to grab all the tubes and hide behind a bush until someone walks up and surprise water attack!  I was 6, folks  ( I really don't suggest you do this unless you do it to your friends or if you just want to receive a beat down from a stranger): yep we did that when we were kids.

4.  Buy a Kids Pool

 Who cares what your neighbors, landlord, girlfriend, boyfriend, family, and friends think?  If you are like most of us that cannot afford a real pool and don't enjoy public pools because you're swimming in wazz all afternoon than this is the guy for you folks!  Fill this wonderfully multicolored star shape pool with cold water and sit back and relax.  You could drink a beer in your new pool!  You could eat a pizza in this highly affordable pool!  You could get that old school Slip'n Slide I mentioned earlier and attach it to your new pool!  That would make the new Slip'n Slides look like trash compared to your makeshift water park!  Besides if you really cared about what people thought you wouldn't be reading this would you?  So go out there and beat the heat with your very own pool (No more than 2 people can fit in the pool at one time).

5.  Come down and say hi to the gang

Last but certainly not least, the best way to beat the heat is coming down here to POPS and saying hello to the gang, folks.  Think about it; we have air conditioning, vintage clothing, video games, new, used & reissued records, stereo equipment, comic books, some toys.  Oh and did I mention the air conditioning?!  I had to do it gang, what type of person would I be if I didn't shamelessly plug the shop?  It's free advertising!  But really ladies and gents where else are you going to beat the heat by purchasing your favorite records?  Best Buy?!  I think not!  Come down to POPS and say hello to the gang...trust me we won't bite.  You could grab a ceiling tile while your down here and take it home, paint it up and put it on display forever in POPS' ceiling!  It's for a good cause.

Anyway what ever you choose to do to beat the heat without not going outside of your air conditioned house or apartment is fine with me, just don't hurt anyone.

I hope the suggestions from above will help you beat the heat in some way or another.  Until Mother Nature decides to give us a perfect downpour we will continue to sweat like we just ate 2 Big Bufords from Rallys.

Thanks for reading this puddle of who cares,



Murphy Winston 

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