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Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Saturday Again!

Hey folks, Murphy Winston here!  I can't believe it's already Saturday.  Another week gone.  Where did this week get off to?  As I've said before Saturday is our Friday because this is the beginning of the weekend for the gang down here at POPS.  Instead of rambling on about some tired old story from the back of my mind I will cut to the chase and go ahead and tell you this post is about music that, for one reason or another, reminds me of the weekend.  So sit back with a cold beverage and something to munch on while I tell you about some songs you may or may not know.  Hopefully you'll hear something that you're not familiar with, which in turn will make you seek it out.  Here we go.

Kano- "I'm Ready"

I'm not a fan of disco folks, but I do make exceptions on occasion.  Kano is an awesome Italian disco group that will make you want to strap on your "roller me skates".  The song starts out with a series of hand claps which leads into some pretty nasty synthesizer action.  I know what you're thinking.  There can never be enough hand claps in a song.  Seriously folks I truly believe this.  This is a funky seven minute disco jam that will make you want to dance around your pad like a roller rink champion.  don't just take my word for it folks check out the video!

Aphrodite's Child- "Babylon"

"Babylon" is a great track from the soundtrack to the apocalypse, "666 (The Apocalypse of John, 13/18)".  It's a romping track that talks about Babylon's demise.  For a track that's subject matter is about a civilizations destruction it's actually an uplifting track that brings to mind some sort of triumph that has been achieved.  The entire album is wacky and fun as all get out to listen to.  The jubilation that bleeds from this song makes for a perfect way to start your weekend.  Check out the track folks.

Earth, Wind & Fire- "September"

Everyone knows this fantastic Earth, Wind, & Fire track.  This is one of those songs that if you don't like it...  Then there's something wrong with you.  Seriously lighten up, and stop taking yourself so seriously.  This is another example of a "roller me skates" track.   Now dance to this wonderful song people.  I said dance!

Funkadelic- "Can You Get To That"

Ahhhh, every time I throw this guy on the table it puts a giant smile on my face.  Reminiscent of a Staple Singers gospel track, this song with it's slightly depressing lyrics is musically a joyous track that reminds us not to take everything so serious and enjoy the music coming out of your speakers.  That's what the weekend is all about anyway isn't it?  Sitting back, chilling with friends and your favorite spirits in hand and just enjoying yourself.  Check out the video.

Blacksheep- "Gimmie The Finga"

I couldn't write about some of my favorite weekend tracks without mentioning the Blacksheep classic joint "Gimmie The Finga".  For those of you that might not be familiar with this, let me give you the rundown.  It's a fantastic braggadocios track about how awesome Dres's (the lead MC of the duo) life is, and how his life is so much better than yours.  It's a funny track that sticks to the old hip hop tradition of storytelling.  Something that is lacking in the genre today.  At one point Dres states "And everyday is Saturday my friend.  Go to sleep, wake up.  Yo!  It's Saturday again!"  This track is what inspired me to write today so check it out.  I just had haters on my mind today.   If you do not own this record I demand you to go to your local hip-hop shop and purchase it.  In the case of folks in Lexington, run down to The Album, run by my road dog Mr. Sami Ibrahim, and purchase this gem of an album.  Tell him Murphy Winston sent you.

Well that's all for today and I hope you love these tunes as much as I do, or will grow to love these songs as I do.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

Thanks for reading this load of absolute poppycock.

Sincerely, the most hedonistic person I know,

Murphy Winston.

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