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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

General Speech Limited Edition 7"s in today!

(In Dr. Nick Riviera's voice) Hi everybody!  It's Murphy Winston here to tell you guys about some really killer hardcore releases we just got in today.  I like to think that I know what goes on as far as music oriented stuff in this town is concerned, but today we at POPS Resale got a pleasant surprise.  The Record Vulture and I were setting up for a day pricing records, buying records, and all and all a pretty fantastic time at work, when one of our regular customers, Tom Mayhugh, came in with his record label's (General Speech Records) new hardcore releases.  This came as a surprise to me, the Vulture was already hip though. Anyway apparently Lexington, Ky is home to General Speech Records.  General Speech specializes in obscure hardcore from all over the place!  I was shocked I had never heard of this label, being it's located in Lexington and all.  He brings in two bundles of five 7"s.  One 7" is from an obscure group out of Switzerland that go by the name of  'The Decay': I have never heard of these guys, but I'm not a hardcore aficionado.  The 7" is titled "Tonight (Back From The Death)= e.p." This e.p. originally came out in 1985, probably only 300 or so pressed at the time. Let me tell you, for fans of early hardcore, i.e. Black Flag, D.O.A, & Discharge you will love this...it's grimy, loud and straight to the point.  Titles like "Police State USA", "Anarchy And Peace", & "Self Destruct" how can you really go wrong?   Holding the 7" in my hand I felt like I took a trip back to when I was a kid, going down to cut corner records and digging through the free local zine stash Cut Corner always had as soon as you walked in the shop.  The Decay 7" comes with a General Speech zine inside the poly sleeve.  Front to back is a black and white d.i.y zine that oozes with the feel of the good old days of punk rock, there's even an interview with the Decay in it.  This made the Vulture and me smile like kids in a candy shop!  If you like hardcore you should check this out.  Unfortunately after roaming the internet for some time I can not find anywhere that has a link to the actual music, this blog stuff is still new to me folks so I'm not sure how to just post a track myself, sorry guys.  If anyone out there can find a link to the music feel free to post in the comments section, we would appreciate it!

The other 7" Mr. Mayhugh brought us was a Japanese hardcore band that goes by the name of Confront.  Now if that doesn't sound like a band that's serious about their business then I don't know what does. Anyway the 7" is titled "The Curtain Of An Intense Attack".  This is awesome.  With tracks like "Brainwash Head", "Empty World", "Hatred", and "Just Keeping My Stance" be prepared to break something while listening to it.  I cannot say this enough, Confront is definitely serious about their music.  Like Decay, this is a rare piece, it was recorded in 2011, and I believe Tom said there were only 250 pressed for the U.S., and the rest went to Japan.  From beginning to end Confront assaults the listener into submission, with roaring guitars, heavy bass lines, and loud pounding drums as the lead singer wails into the microphone as if he's got something against it.  It's pretty wicked folks.  Luckily I could find a link to the track "Just Keeping My Stance".  Check this out if you are a fan of punk, and hardcore punk.


If you would like to contact General Speech Records to receive their zine you can either email them at GENERALSPEECH@Gmail.com or you can check out their stuff at http://generalspeech.storenvy.com/products/343778-the-decay-tonight-back-from-the-death-7

I hope this makes your day like it did mine.  It's always nice to find out about locals doing great things in Lexington keeping this town unique.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this mess.


Your crate digging buddy,

Murphy Winston.

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