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Friday, June 22, 2012

Disco Madness!!!

In our ongoing series of making fun of goofy album covers we give you kind people these fine examples of foolishness(and sometimes madness and terror)that come from various musical genres.
This time it's disco albums that are gonna receive the bus throwing from yours truly, the mutha***kin Vulture.  Mr Winston put me to the task and I'd be doggoned if I ain't gonna deliver the goods!!!!
I'm not gonna front, these few are but a drop in the bucket, there are like a million of these out in the wild, including a couple that are crazier than the ones featured here (including some I wanted to use but we didn't have or I couldn't remember the artists name).  I was digging in the back and thinking to myself, "whats the one with the brothers dancing in the gold outfits with the red headbands???"
So........like to read it?  Well here we go!!!!

Sun-"Force of Nature"
Alrighty then.  Apparently the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica are invading to a 4/4 beat!!!!  Get out the  bejeweled pleather outfits, this is an emergency!!!  And whats up the the radioactive symbols????  Is the music so powerful that it emits radiation, or do the Cylons have nukes?  The whole thing is a package of confusing.

Frankie Smith-"Double Dutch Bus"

Hey kids, its creepy uncle Frankie!!  He's driving the double dutch bus, he's got all the jump ropes you"ll need and he stinks of schnapps!!!  Wow, where to go with this chestnut?  The double denim outfit, & the bushy creepy mustache? The expression on his face that makes me think he may have just smoked pcp!!  This is an album made for kids...  By a man that shouldn't be around children.

Brainstorm"Funky Entertainment"
Don't touch that alien unless you've got on your fireproof gloves and space helmet, with a big hole in the front for breathing.  This one here is great!  The weird nimbus of light around the girls space helmet, and coming out the aliens eyes as he attempts to eat that sax's mouthpiece.  This must be what they eat on "planet disco", that and they consume copious amounts of cocaine.  I'm talking heaps of the stuff.  And on that note..........the back cover.

Whats happening!??!!  Is this a picture of alien/human intercourse??
What kind of drugs were consumed?
Is that chick excited or terrified?  I bet she's thinking, "You can't get in my mind with your diabolical alien disco eye ray beams because my helmet repels them!!!"


 Lakeside-"Your Wish Is My Command"

 Ahhh Lakeside.  These guys album's all have a theme.  Be it swashbuckling,western,or in this case genies!!!  I wasn't aware that disco, copious amounts of drugs can give you magical powers and the ability to grant wishes!!!  Just what is that magic dust they are dropping on those children and dogs?  And that leads us to the inside cover...............

Ohhhh Shhhnnnnnaaapppp!!!!!                               
The 70's were a different time.  How many times have you uttered or seen the phrase, funky disco genie????

 Gregg Diamonds Bionic Boogie- "Hot Butterfly"                                                                                   

Gregg!!  That butterfly is not hot man.  Its freaking terrifying!  That is all. 

Thanks for checking this post out and I hope this brought a little smile to your face.


The Vulture

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