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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Howdy folks!  Murphy Winston here to rant about what really sticks in my craw about hip-hop these days.  First I have to give you guys a little back story about why I decided to write this little piece today.  Saturday evening after work I attended my brother, Larry Winston's 40th birthday get together.  While I was there I got into a conversation with my cousin Ryan about hip-hop.  Ryan is roughly 13 years younger than I am, and I don't really hang out with family that much so this was a conversation I did not expect to get into that night.  It's really amazing what you can find out about a person if you just sit down and talk to them!  I kid, I kid I'm really not that thick gang.  Back to the story!  The reason this entire conversation started was because I bought my brother Larry 3 albums for his birthday which were; Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage", Redman's "Dare Iz A Darkside", and Blacksheep's classic "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing".  I was shocked to find out that Ryan had never heard of these albums.  I guess it makes sense though, he is 13 years younger than I am which makes him far removed from the wonderful era of hip-hop I grew up with.  Instead he is relegated to the Lil Weak, Lil Buster, Slaughter Wack, & thousands of other performers that are in my humble opinion turning the hip-hop culture into a pretty ridiculous almost novelty culture.  That makes me see red folks.  Now with that said I do understand that their are some, acts in the underground that are still representing hip-hop as a culture you should not take lightly, acts such as; N.W.L, the Cunninlynguists, JustMe, the entire Scribbling Idiots crew for that matter.  These dudes are either from, or frequent this great city of Lexington.  Yes I know I'm leaving out a few more names but the point is, in order to find the good ish you have to really dig for it.  Let's not forget that "you are underground for a reason" and anymore 9 times out of 10, even the underground ish is wick, wick, wack!
This is what I'm not used to folks.  Back in the day we had "Yo! MTV Raps", "Rap City", & on occasion "Teen Summit".  These shows profiled dope artists you will not ever see the likes of again.  Artists like Wu-Tang, Lord Finesse, Gang Starr, Tha Alkaholiks, The Beatnuts, Above the Law, the Coup, I could go on for years folks so I digress.  Some of these groups are still doing their thing but major labels are not trying to push these groups anymore.  Major labels want a one hit wonder act that people can dance in the clubs, and to boost ring tone sales, lets not forget that useless waste of money. The creativity is gone and people are being force fed a heaping plate of schlock with a sprinkling of doo doo on top.  Whoa got way off topic for a little bit, sorry gang.  Back to the story at hand!
After conversing with Ryan for about an hour I decided he needed to get some real hip-hop ish in his life immediately or he would end up just another lamb led to the proverbial slaughter.   In this case the absolute destruction of this young mans brain due to so many Lils, Youngs, and _________, just name the first radio artist that comes to your head that is considered a rapper or a m.c. and fill in the blank...  Guaranteed that artist is hot garbage.  Just because you can pick up a mic and put words together in a rhyming scheme doesn't mean you should folks.
When I got home that evening I gave my p.n.c (partner in crime) the Vulture a call and we decided to put together a live mix for the young chap.  A mix that I'm not sure he is ready for.  You see Ryan is used to hearing Drake, Eminem, Yella Wolf, and a whole bunch of other artists that are just simply powder puff when compared to the likes of Showbiz & A.G., Lord Digga, M.O.P, the Gravediggaz, and Wu-Tang just to name a few.  So on Tuesday the Vulture and me linked up and shuffled though our respective collections until we had the mix completed.  Ryan's supposed to pick up the mix from my brother's house tonight so I'm kinda interested to hear what his reaction to it is. 
I just want want to know what happen to this culture that I love so much?  Where did the break happen from exposing great m.c.'s, rappers, and groups to the general public, to wack, moist boy, tight pants, bullsnaps that is occurring now?!
Now I'm not proclaiming hip-hop is dead because that's been said before and as I stated earlier there are a handful of artist that are keeping true to the culture, but they are few and far between folks.  What I am going to do is post some of my favorite tracks from some of my favorite hip-hop artists and right next to it there will be another track by a new artist.  Lets see if you can tell the difference between real hip-hop and this drivel that's being pumped out today claiming to be hip-hop.  Here we go gang!

First up!
Black Sheep- Similak Child
This is a classic track from the duo Black Sheep.  Dres breaks down the science.  He is basically stating his love for intelligent women.   Great smoothed out beat that makes your head nod back and forth, and the lyrics are dope.

Drake- The Best I've Ever Had
Drake does his best impression of a rapper here folks, letting us know about all the ladies he had a chance to sleep with.  Nice. Can anybody say s.t.d?

Beat is wack, sounds like some r&b bullsnaps, and dude just needs to put the mic down.  From fans of hip-hop everywhere, I implore you to...  Please step away from the microphone!

Do you hear the difference everybody?

On to the next stop!
 Lord Finesse- Check the Method
The king of telling you how awesome his flow is.  This dude is a rapping fool.  You can tell Finesse thinks highly of his skills, which he should because he is one of the best to do it. The beats are banging and his flow is ridiculous.

Rick Ross- The Boss
Hey guys guess what?  Apparently this guy here is the boss.  the boss of what you ask.  It should be the boss of chili dog eating.  Mr. Ross states "I don't make love, baby we make magic", I'm not sure who the "we" is he's referring to but I bet it's the Keebler elves he hiding in his neck fat.  Oh and there's good ol' T-Pain with the auto tune screaming and I quote "The boss, boss-boss-boss, Boss-boss-boss, boss-boss-boss. The boss, boss-boss-boss
Boss-boss-boss, boss-boob-boss".    Hahahha!  Put down the cheese burger Mr. Ross and go manage a White Castle instead of rapping.

On to some groups now!
Gravediggaz- 1-800-Suicide
Gnarly...  Beats are creepy, lyrics are crazy, but in the true fashion of hip-hop the Gravediggaz are telling a story...  Like I said this is just Gnarly, plus would you step to these dudes ever?  Hell no!  The whole team looks rugged, even (dude in the back ground that produced De La's first couple albums) Prince Paul!  The daisy age this was not.

OFWGKTA- Odd future
This sucks.  Y'all are not scary you can't tell a story to save your albums.  Lucky for you though you have a ton of hipsters out there that think your stuff is good because they think Kid Cuddi is hard.

Oh and I'm not just talking about the fellas of today either.

MC Lyte- Cha Cha Cha
One of the greatest you never heard of folks.  Unless of course you're a hip-hop junkie like myself.  She's a beast on the mic and stood with the best of them.  The beat is a basic boom-bap that keeps your head rocking.

Iggy Azalea- My World
What the f is this crap.  Beats awful, and lyrics are stank.  Strictly garbage.

I know the videos I posted don't represent hip-hop culture, but this is what Mtv, B.E.T, and a large portion of radio stations are perpetrating as hip-hop these days.   I just thought I would put these songs besides the classics that were getting radio, and video play on a regular basis back in the day.

I hope this has either been entertaining, infuriating, and hopefully a little educational.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read the mad rant from an a.b.n
(if you don't know what an a.b.n is look it up)


Murphy Winston

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